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Project Description

Cuberry enables a faster development of standard business applications.

It is a ready to use tool with a bunch of standard business application functionalities and many additional built-in features which can be used to create a quick prototype of your business application.

As a project manager you may use the prototype to explain your requirements to your cusomters or your developers. Or if you are a developer you can create the basic modules in a very short time and discuss further functionalities with your project manager or your team.

With Cuberry you get a strong communication tool and you can achieve great results in a very short time.

Additional modules can be easily created and deployed.

For more information and the latest updates please visit the Cuberry website at



» Multi Language Support
» User Management & Access Permissions
» Workflows
» Input Validation
» Style Adaptation
» Customizability
» Logging & History Tracking
» Reporting & Printing
» Scalability


For usage:
» .NET Framework 4.0
» Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or higher
(if you want to use the reporting module the Reporting Services / Advanced Services Version will be needed too)
Note: The reporting module will not work with a higher version of the MS SQL Server.

For development:
» Visual Studio 2010


» Download the full version of Cuberry and extract the files to C:\Cuberry\
» Right click the downloaded file, click properties and click on "Unblock" in the General tab
» Run the script C:\Cuberry\Setup\Run CuberryAttach Script.cmd
» Run P2.Cuberry.exe

If you extracted the files in another directory you need to make some small changes:
» Open the SQL script file "\Cuberry\Setup\CuberryAttach.sql" and change the location of the database files.
» Open the file "\Cuberry\Setup\Run CuberryAttach Script.cmd" and change the location of CuberryAttach.sql
» Run "Run CuberryAttach Script.cmd" which executes the SQL script to attach the database files and add your username to the administrators list. (FYI: the username is case sensetive)
If you are not using the MS SQL Server (not the Express edition), you will need to change the .config file to meet your database credentials. You get more information in the Installation section.

In the CuberryBinaries directory you'll find three .config files:
» 1. P2.Cuberry.exe.config
» 2. P2.Cuberry.exe - SQL Server.config
» 3. P2.Cuberry.exe - SQL Express.config

The first and the third file are exactly the same and are used in case an MS SQL Express edition is installed.

The second file should be used in case if a full MS SQL Server is in place.
You need to rename the file to be "P2.Cuberry.exe.config".

For more information and the latest updates please visit the Cuberry website at

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